Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A funny thing happened to me on the way to a craft show...

I hadn't been drinking, because I was about to drive to Parham park..just take the dog for a walk first down by the river before the long trip, I thought..I couldn't quite believe my eyes!...is this a new undiscovered species? ..in the words of my BLOG "whats happening!!"

' HELLO! '

Parham Park

A customer, ( Dawn Gracie ) took some photos at Parham park at the weekend of Tilly and myself whilst caricaturing young Oscar.
If we look a bit bedraggled its cos the temperature of the marquees was extremely high!
These are great photos though! Thanks.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tilly meets her match

This looks fierce, but they were only playing!..HONESTLY!
-see the video below.

NOTE, difference in head size!

Tired now...

VERY tired!

Hey!! whys my head not as big as yours!??

Tilly meets her match...in the form of 'Tinder', a Deerhound lurcher at the Chilterns show.
They played together for ages, and it was amazing hour gentle Tinder was for such a big dog, (but you wouldn't want to get in her way when she is running though,...full pelt, its best to hide behind someone when they are coming at you!

PARHAM park next!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Drippin' wet Matilda Whiplington

Tilly the bedlington x whippet, jumped in the river today, chasing 'Alfie' a huge wolfhound lurcher down at Iford meadows.
...dripping wet she looks more lke a whippet, ...spindle's for legs, velcro for fur and a mouth that hoover's up bottle tops and any other little plastic item she can find! At least her sharp spikey baby teeth have almost gone now. Can't believe she'll be 6 months old this thursday!