Monday, 29 March 2010

where are they now?

Last pics of Tilly's brother and sisters...hope they are all getting on fine...

'Frogs legs'

Funny how these bedlington terriers dogs back legs look like a frog, when they are shuffling across the floor.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Tilly, turning lighter already

She's definitely turning greyer in the face.

...Tilly finally gets to meet 'Flint' the 10 week old Field springer,
who weighs twice as much as an 8 week old Tilly.

She likes to play in the dried up pond....

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Meeting the neigbours then bedtime

Tilly the super model

Some more photos of Tilly. (All supermodels get a bit of soft-focus and retouching!)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Professional Photo Shoot of Tilly

As 'Tilly' will never be 52 days old ever again, I thought we would take this opportunity
on this lovely spring day to have her photographed by Sophie a talented young photographer, I recently discovered from London....
Sophie and Troy, both superb photographers in their own right, with their stylist and home economist Rosie, who supplied Tilly with delightful treats all afternoon and pampered us with wine and a gorgeous smoked salmon buffet.
It looks like Tilly's on 'cloud 9!' My thanks for a great job.
These are just a few of the portfolio before its finished state.

(all works are copyright protected © SRCP Sophie Robertson Canine Photographer)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Tilly & Jodie

Don't worry Jodie...We haven't forgotten you. You're here in spirit. I think Puppy Tilly and Puppy Jodie would have got on fine!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Thursday, 11 March 2010


At last, Here she is!

'Tilly' Whiplington Hayball

Named 'Tilly'
(or 'Tilda', short for Matilda) the bedlington X whippet lurcher pup.

more info on this type of dog, see:

click on the photos to see them larger...more pics to come when she has settled in.
A good journey back today with no little accidents or car sickness, I'm very pleased with her!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

They say 'Nostalgia' is a thing of the past?

Dug out these old pictures from the bottom of the wardrobe. They made me laugh!
Squadron-leader Hayball, Daisy and Emily - very young, Ben my dad's GS and a menarie of lurchers and whippets. Not to mention me when I was about 14 with Trina the labrador x whippet (they thought iw was anyway!) at the playing fields and in a saddlebag?...When are 'tank tops' coming back into fashion?