Friday, 25 June 2010

Beautiful views at Whitchurch Canonicorum

Just returned from camping in deepest dorset, behind 'the five bells' pub in Whitchurch Canonicorum. We had a great time. (why go abroad when the weathers like this!). Visited some of my favourite places in Lyme Regis and Bridport, and went for some lovely walks, PHEW was it hot! Thanks to Pat, Stacey and Paul for being so hospitalable. Most enjoyable! I'll be back again soon no doubt. And good to meet the locals when watching the england game on Wednesday..hello to 'Millsey' master cheese maker and the other lads and lasses.
This is our little encampment..Not bad! with the whole field to ourselves, peace and tranquility!

As you can see, we had as Johnnie Kingdom would say, ' bootiful voos!'
Young Tilly was loving it with a massive field as her temporary back garden!
This is the view of the church and village.
Not far from where we were camped you can see Lyme regis in the background.

Views from camp site.

On the way into Lyme, (trevor's old place in the background)
The old favourite...'Golden Cap'and here the 'Guildhall' in Lyme Regis.

Night time for Tilly.

'Voo' of my shoos!

Sunset at about 9.45pm!

A walk amongst the daisies...mmm that sounds like an inspiration for a new al hayball painting.

On the way to bridport, via Ryall.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Wimborne folk festival 2010

These are some of the photos Siouxsie took at this weekend of me caricaturing, in front of the 'Allendale centre at Wimborne Folk Festival' which was terrific and was most enjoyable. Hello! to all of you that came along and had a caricature drawn or bought a print, card or tile. Thanx!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

till and jod

Just trying the photoshop effect on a photo .
(Meant to look like a van gogh..didn't quite work!)
click on it to see it clearer.