Monday, 9 March 2009 the interior

Carpet is down and the mattress arrives Saturday. We did have a small 'snag', quite literally. The drill picked up a bit of the carpet and 'zzzzzz...' the carpet ran!..towards the middle of the van! but we stopped it before it got to the other side. The carpet is turning out to be not the highest quality expected!..never mind -onward..I was planning on a rug for the door area anyway. A swivel has been installed on the passenger seat and the door step is finished off with aluminium. Keith's doing a stirling job despite being dogged with tooth ache, (If he doesn't hear from the hospital soon, we may tie 'tuth' to my big back doors mate and slam shut..ouch!) At the weekend I picked up tubing and pipes for the gas and water, hopefully not too much else to buy. Keith is now cracking on with making units for the cooker and fridge, so I'm not attending today, which gives me chance to catch up on my 'cocktail-cow' commission which is nearly finished.
S0 let sleeping dogs lie! (J Odd Eye seems to have found her niche in the new van.)