Monday, 19 May 2008

There was a tipsy cow at the Fawley Court Art & Craft experience...

"Well it was an interesting experience, with my new independent marquee taking slightly longer to put up than expected! Thanks to Stubby from Stubbington workshops, for help in that department. Easier to take down Sunday night, but not sure why it didn't pack down as small as when I unwrapped it!
We all got away with it weather wise as we only had the occasional drizzle that didn't amount to much, which made the weekend a much more pleasurable time, (apart from a rather un-friendly bee, presumably an escapee from the honey and Bees stand decided to take a dislike to my hand when pushing in tent pegs).
I was kept busy most of the time, beavering away on people's caricatures, which went down very well. The new cow paintings are continuing to get positive comments and limited edition prints were sold and the orders taken on 'cocktail cow' made her the most popular tipsy cow of the show!
I must say how much I enjoyed all the various sculptures that were in abundance and the standard of exhibitor was very high.
We had a great night out in a greek restaurant, on friday night in Henley. Although evenings were slightly chilly, it was still very pleasant sitting in our campervan circle sipping the odd glass of red wine and dining on Harriet of Milkiway jewellery's delightful 'pasta surprise' on saturday night.
Fawley Court is certainly an idylic setting and I was very excited to watch the indian ring neck parakeets flying from tree to tree, that have populated this area of the country, (originally captive birds that have been released and managed to survive in the great british climate).
parakeet video
Beautiful plumage!
Good to see all that came along. It made it a much more personalised, having my own outside marquee, but next couple of shows I'm back in side the main marquees.
See you at Loseley Park, Surrey or Stonor Park, Henley."

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Bye for now!