Monday, 11 May 2009

An 'H' van weekend - camp

What a great collection of H vans!...and not forgetting the 'Velo Solex Bike' with a motor,- I've always wanted one of those, so you couldn't get me off it, a buzzing around the campsite!
After an early evening 'Caricaturing' at a very nice wedding in a beautiful setting near Henley on Thames on Saturday, then I headed back to 'Sixpenny Handley near Cranborne where I enjoyed a couple of beers and enjoyed the next day of the H van camp. Loveley weather in a great setting. Very well organised Keith and Lee!

1 comment:

Marion said...

OMG, an englishman with a fixation for french cars!!;-)
Had I told you my husband loves citro├źn too? I believe I did....
Oh, BTW, in answer to your question: I never fixate my drawings, it isn't necessary with the neocolor.
Have a nice summer Al!