Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Finished the 'Moomite' Van!

'Treated to a rainbow at the end of our work'

Well here it is!... The interior, of the 'Moomite' van. After visiting the new forest 3 or 4 times a week for quite a few weeks its finished, and looks pretty good if I might say so myself.
Keith has been a real trooper working away through tooth aches, bad backs, working his garden and allotment and putting up with my scrutineering!... , and Lee has been fantastic with the sandwiches. Keith has obviously done most of the work with me as an assistant. Altough I chipped in with the sanding, finishing and did all the varnishing,...quite a few coats of interior silk then exterior gloss I'll have you know! It has been a bit of making it up as we go along as modifications and changes inevitably appeared along the way, (Sorry mate...) but at the end I think its been worth getting it exactly how we wanted it.
Just a table to do, a box for the leisure battery, a top for the cooker, and a couple of extra lights, but its finished ready for my craft show this week. All plumbed in for water & gas, fridge and cooker- and leisure battery, fuse box and split charge relay installed, all tried and tested!
Just had to pull it all out again today as the fridge flue needed securing again and to fish out the fridge 240v power lead and varnished one last door.

Its just how I wanted it, a small area for washing cooking and drinking and a nice pocket sprung mattress made as a bed permanently, rather than having to balance on the bits of foam that converted into a seat in my previous van (sorry 'PUF', hope u r keeping well!)
So:) many thanks 'Swampy', aka keith.
Its amazing what you did with 4 sheets of marine ply, a jig-saw, drill and my dad's 1973 electric screwdriver!

Not quite a converted horse box lorry but my own little home from home!

So heres the pics, make of it what you will!-not quite like my original sketch!- all comments gratefully received.


solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

it all looks good Al! i love seeing it with the bed made up and your little dog sitting there :)
hope jod's leg is okay today

al hayball said...

I just updated some of the wording.

Teresa said...

Looks very cool - will forward to Paul, but being a pyromaniac I could see me setting light to that bedding...