Thursday, 6 February 2014

Watching Vixen

An Urban fox I found sat on the compost heap in my
garden.Looking into her eyes, I imagine she is thinking:

'Leave me in peace, I am resting.
Its daytime and I have a long night ahead of me,
I am cold and trying to warm myself through the compost heap and the rays of the weak winter sun.
Tonight I shall have to work hard to find food, to get me through the night,
Whether it be discarded takeaways, berries, worms or even a mouse, it'll be a scavenge.
Please leave me in peace, I can't help being a fox.'

(A countryside fox lives over 12 years urban fox survives for only 2-3years.) - al hayball ©2014
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Kath said...

Beautiful work Al!
And how is Miss Whiplington?

al hayball said...

very well thank you Kath! Good to see you are still following my posts! cheers al