Monday, 14 March 2011

West country game fair

roo, till n willow.
Some pictures at the weekend of Tilly and her two sisters, Roobarb and Bellatrix at the West Country game fair, where we had a little litter reunion!

roo till n willow.

roo, till n willow.

Now this IS...roo, till n bella
humans: Sam, Neil the stool maker and me.


We were photographing the hounds together when all of a sudden some 'gentlemen of the countryside' appeared out of nowhere.
it was really odd, they stood there looking very stern, quizzed me on if they had bedlington in them, how old the dogs were and were they good at rabbiting etc. and i replied that they were old dogs, not sure of the breed, a bit of a mix and they were quite slow.
" do you want to sell any of them, guv? " he replied.
What a surprise, I didn't see that coming,,..much. mmm " No thanks."


Tilly and Bella


Kath said...

Oh they are totally adorable! I do enjoy seeing the young whiplingtons, Roobarb was 18 months old when she cam tot us from the rescue.

Murphyfish said...

Hello Alan,
Just had a heads up from Kath about your blog, having just had a Lurcher squeeze her way into our lives here in sunny N.Wales. I'll tag along awhile if you don't mind.

al hayball said...

by all means murphyfish.

Joanna said...

Hi Al, Kath sent me too!

We have an elderly lurcher cross (she's 14 and a half but when she's out running she thinks she's still a puppy!), and she looks rather similar to Tilly (I love her full name!).

Reading this post, we have experienced similar interest from 'certain types', and have been aware we had to keep a close eye on her when she's out with us for a run.

al hayball said...

Hi, Joanna, Nice to hear from you, I really like your blog and also your work...Great colours and design!
al and matilda

Rach said...

Tilly reminds me of y dog Lily :)

al hayball said...

Certainly does, Rach!