Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Back home safely

Well, Tilly's back home from the vet now,
..very slow and sleepy at the moment,
but everything went ok, according to the vet.
So no seasons for Tilly now to worry about.
She's got a little draw-string stitches on her tummy that will have to be taken out in 2 weeks time.
I'm hoping she wont pick at them, but I have a very fetching 'buster' collar for her if she needs it, (in electric blue translucent!)
I just cooked her some 'boiled rice and chicken', but she's not hungry yet..I think she's still too drowsy.
She looked so small and fragile when I collected her! ... just keeping her warm tonight...walks on the lead for the next 2 weeks.
...She'll soon be back to bouncing about again!

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Kath said...

Oh poor girl, I hope she'll be back to her old self tomorrow. When mine were speyed I dressed them in an old childs t shirt,head through the neckhole, front legs down the armholes. The hem part was drawn up fairly snug over their tummy and knotted on the back. It was a case of out of sight out of mind. Ellie licked the t shirt a bit, but wasnt able to pull at the stitches.