Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bedlington whippet cross

My Lurcher. Took some snaps tonight, that I was really pleased with. It shows Till is turning into quite a stunner..( I'm biased of course! lol)

Also had her own business card made up! (sad):
This is ‘Matilda Whiplington’. A Bedlington Terrier x Whippet originally bred as a poaching dog or ferret companion, it is a brave little dog, not for the faint hearted, being high energy, busy and intelligent and not as laid back as other Lurcher crosses. 17” to 19” tts in size, blue or liver colour, usually rough coated. (A 'Lurcher' is the result of cross breeding a sighthound, with another breed such as a collie or a terrier.)


Anonymous said...

she is soooooooo gorgeous - I just luv this breed - let me know if she has any puppies. Clara

al hayball said...

Tilly's Mum, 'Noodles' just had 8 new babies today (only one boy again).
..This year they have the luxury of an Infra red lamp!
If you fancy a little whiplington puppy like Matilda, contact Tish in Plymouth, Devon:

Natalie said...

she looks very similar to my bed x whippet, lovely dogs, very pleased with mine

Sunny said...

This is the kind of dog I want when I'm older my aunt has her sister - rhubarb

al hayball said...

And Rhoobarb is a very nice sister to our Tilly, indeed, young Sunny! Hope you get your very own Whiplington one day..but get ready for their busy-ness! lol

Elf Gurl said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!

I am looking for a medium sized companion dog that does not shed much, loves to hike, canoe, and camp (in winter and summer), and gets along well with cats and other animals.

Can you tell me if this breed gets along well with cats who like dogs and what its temperament is with other animals?


al hayball said...

I think they get on well with cats if they are brought up with them...otherwise i think they chase them!

HRK said...

Desperate to find a Matilda Whiplington type, but even the internet can't help me? I don't suppose you know of any puppies?!

al hayball said...

there some pups that need homes on Tish curran's website at the moment, (rescued lurcher type) see:

also whiplingtons:
These are lovely dogs,HRK

You can also check out more about tilly and her sisters on her facebook page:
Matilda Whiplington and ahayball
If you call the breeder, mention me:
The lady breeder is Tish Curran: devonmaid2003@aol.com tel: 07861673582 She's on facebook too,
Plymouth based. she'll be happy to hear from you.
Tilly's mum Noodles is having her last litter early next year, if you are interested.
A little bit about them:
Tilly is a Bedlington Terrier x Whippet ( the Whiplington )
More common in the north of England, the Beddy-Whippet was bred as a rabbiting, ratting and poaching dog. Often described as the perfect ferreting companion. A brave little dog, not for the faint hearted, being high energy, busy and intelligent but less laid back as other Lurcher crosses. Their size is variable they can be 16.5 to 19 inch to the shoulder.
(A 'Lurcher' is the result of crossbreeding a sighthound, with another breed such as a collie or a terrier.)

Some useful pages:
Good Luck!

Davina Ross said...

Hello I live up in Derbyshire and travelled to north Yorkshire to see some whippington puppies, I have put a deposite on a grey, they are only 4 weeks and at the moment appear to have smooth fur. Do they have to be half beddy and half whippet to turn out as beautiful as this one? These are 3/4 whipped 1/4 beddy mummy being 1/2 and 1/2 daddy full whippet.
Many thanks Davina

al hayball said...

They'll still be beautiful!..but probably slightly more whippet shaped head, could be less hairy, could be more smooth, its hard to predict. Having said that, Tilly is VERY whippet shaped under all that hair, its just the hair that makes the beddy look. You want to see her when she's wet! (drowned rat springs to mind!) Alot of people prefer the 3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy as an all round lurcher dog as it may have more of a typical whippet personality and less terrier? who knows. al

Davina Ross said...

Thank you for your imput, I already have a 3/4 whippet 1/4 greyhound, he's blue called Rocco and has the loveliest temperment.If he's as lovely I will be very please :) would be great if he had a rough coat though. I will let you know how Seb turns out. Davina :)

Tom Rigg said...

davina! Could you pass on the breeders details to me please?! either to my email: iwouldlikeakangaroo@hotmail.co.uk or my tel 07428762099

chris bean said...

we own a female whiplington just like matilda,the one in your photos.as you state she is very high maintenance but we wouldnt be without her.she was one of eight pups,six grey blue and two gingers.ours(megan)grey blue rough coated and so very intelligent
we bought her from a guy from near wheatley hill in county durham.she is now 1 and a half years old

Chris Bean

Anonymous said...

Our 16 week old Whiplington pup really wants to play with the 20 year old cat. She (the cat) is having none of it. They're working it out between them. We had a big lurcher for 14 years and he got on fine with our cat.

Beddywhippet in the states said...

Are there any breeders or rescue groups in the U.S.? I recently met one on the street in Brooklyn NY and fell in love but didn't get the name of the breeder.

Anonymous said...

Having lost our much loved Lurcher in January this year, we are thinking of looking for another 'friend' in the Autumn. We have really fallen for these Whiplingtons.....Tilly is gorgeous! However, you mention that they can be high maintenance & not so laid back as a Lurcher - please can you explain that? We want to make a sensible choice, as it is too easy to let heart rule head! Thanks for your help.

12bore1976 said...

HI Alan, Its Dominic over in Kent, close to Penshurst show. You took a lot of photo's of my STRAIGHT Bedlington Evie! As you know well. I am going to breed her this year to a blue whippet.Working background and tickets. She is ready, if you know of anyone else interested in breeding, give me a shout. all the best Dom.

al hayball said...

Hi Dominic,
Wow, that's quite a weird coincidence! I was only today looking at the lovely photos I took of Evie back then, and now out of the blue you send this message...that's quite spooky!
If I hear of anyone wanting to breed I will let you know take care.
See you at Penshurst?
Al and Tilly.

t said...

Hi there,

My boyfriend and I are on the hunt for a blue bedlington whippet first cross. Does anybody have any leads on any breeders I may get in touch with? Tilly is so beautiful. What a gorgeous dog - with a great temperament too I’m happy to read.

Any help with finding a breederwould be much appreciated.
Is Matilda first cross?
Thanks again,