Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Shedding a tear for PUF

Parting is such sweet sorrow...
...Whats wrong?.. you can get emotionally attached to a vw camper you know!

Certainly over the last 8 years there certainly has been ups and downs, but it was time for PUF to move on to pastures new.
It was a good week, collecting my new van on a monday and selling PUF on the following Monday.
Both local, even though both bought and sold on ebay!
Anyway PUF's gone to a good home, a fellow Vdub fan who's previously owned a splitty and I shall still see PUF buzzing around the town, I expect.

Moving on... .I've got my new VW T4 to enjoy now and I've just discovered power steering!...Just have to fit an interior to it!
Heres where this one came from, Great church doors on the back!
(Its not this colour in real life-less turquoise more green - still haven't named him yet any suggestions? - 'the green meanie?')



solsticedreamer said...

oh al! i cried when we sold pilchard...and it was because of those two campers we became friends :)

the new was looks great though~all new and spangly...a name...the green goddess...the green man...of course i would think of something pagan!

Marion said...

You can sure use your new van with this terrible weather, right?
Very moving story, men often have an emotional tie with their car (mine has).