Friday, 4 April 2008

Its Wine-Cow time...

These are three new paintings I have done on box canvases. They are available for sale at £225 each from I just came up with this idea of wine themed cows and a bit that little girl in 'Willie Wonker and the chocolate factory',- Victoria Beauregard, that took on the appearance of a blueberry? (if I remember correctly) I think there is still another one to do and that will most likely be a green cow, probably cocktail driven! Hope you like these anyway. Now the weathers perking up, new ideas should start filtering through, -(I'm not sure where from though!)


solsticedreamer said...

lovely cows!

i think the little girl was victoria beauregard!

oh yes and please come camping at the h van camp with us~its been ages since we camped together!

Adam James Nall said...

Hello Mr. Hayball,

I came across your website via google images whilst searching for something to illustrate my blog pages. Your paintings (and other media) are fantastic. Any chance of permission to use a cow picture or two in exhange for some free advertising on my site?

My work is on the cultural and linguistic history of British food and drink - I have a solid readership and hope to publish once I have researched enough material. My recent post 'De Factoid the Fifth: Moo-vers and Shakers' would be rather well illutrated by your piece 'cocktail cow'.

Do please take a look and let me know what you think:


Adam J. Nall

p.s. Comments can be left on posts directly, or I can forward you a contact address. A

Adam James Nall said...

Thank you for the permission Alan. I've spent the last couple of hours sorting through pictures and was about to send you a 'p.s.' via facebook to ask you opinion on how it looked. I'm glad you like it and will look at captioning now.

Yours with thanks,


Adam James Nall said...

Love the new America Cow, Alan. Great work again!