Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Hi, Welcome to my blog!
I thought It would be good to set up, to give friends and customers a chance to give feedback, suggestions and anything in fact that maybe of interest.
I'll endeavor to write-up and post pics that I think would be of interest to anyone including perhaps some strange unusual and comical items. As most people have busy lives I'm not sure how much time will be spent by me or you, and as I'm new to 'blogs', all will be revealed in the fullness of time!
cheers alx

You can see all my art at my website: ahayball.co.uk


SiouxsieKJ said...

Hi Al!
Nice idea and lovely to see J'Odd Eye (didn't realise that's how you spell her name, bless her).
Good luck with the blog and the forthcoming craft fayre season - maybe see you at Somerley or somewhere.
All the best
Siouxsie :o)

al hayball said...

thanks Siouxsie.
Not sure about Somerley yet this year.
Its an early easter!

beachhutman said...

Hi Al!

Just keeping in touch with a rare talent, the Steamer Point story you uncovered was a good one. So good to see real history being unearthed. and commemorated.
It just shows fact can be stranger than fiction.

I've just rejoined CADARTS in Christchurch to try and keep both sides of my brain working.

Good luck with your blog. And van!

Tim Baber
editor msbnews

kathyann said...

Welcome to blogland Al,Loving your paintings,you are a very talented artist,look forward to more of your postings!
Love from Kathyann and the girls